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Debt Resolutions

Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in debt restructuring, Buckley Kiely provides assistance to distressed individuals and companies, helping them to reach decisions and find real solutions in relation to their debt problems.

  • Extensive in-house skills required for debt restructuring
  • Understanding of relevant legislation & guidelines.
  • Experienced Senior Staff with appreciation of Taxes : IT, CGT, VAT & CAT.
  • Understanding of Offer Letters, Facility Letters, Personal Guarantees etc.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Good Negotiation / Mediation Skills.
  • Appreciation of Debt Collection procedures by Creditors.
  • Good working relationships with Financial Institutions.
  • Excellent track record.
  • Ability to build trust and bridge any trust gap

“A problem shared is a problem halved” – in many cases the stress and worry of what seem to be insurmountable debt problems can be overwhelming.

Working with our bank resolution team, clients have been able to better evaluate options available to them and come to decisions about solutions that work both for them personally and for the financial institutions involved.

Contact us for a confidential and frank discussion of your debt problems and let us help you find the best way forward.


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